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Picture credits

Picture credits supply you with sources for the image material used on this website.

The image material is either created by one of our own photographers or integrated into the "Creative Commons" via, and In some cases, the image material was purchased through by the individual artists. Also to be found here are the respective copyright sources of the pictures, with whose authors a license agreement was made directly.

Self-created pictures are not listed here, since there is no obligation to provide sources to your own material!

Images licensed via the "Creative Commons" may only be used in other context at the same terms.

Your own images and material purchased via Fotolia, Deviantart, Flickr, Pixelio or the respective artist, as well as directly acquired image material is subject to copyright and may not be copied from our website. Any and all violations of our license agreements and the copyright itself will be reported to the authorities!

If required, we will provide you with the individual license agreements.

Group of friends having fun in underground metropolitan station

©  DisobeyArt - Shutterstock

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